What Needs to be in a Hirst Fix

Keep in mind the land use policy of this state intends for people to live in urban settings and rural settings.  Both settings need water. 


Legislators need to hear that this is not an issue that can wait till next year and this is not an issue that should be caught up the budget deliberations.

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Needed – Certainty and predictability

  • Restore the ability of cities and counties to rely on the policies and rules of the state’s water resource agency
  • Provide the certainty and ability for rural homeowners to get water to build their homes without excess delays, cost and uncertainty
  • Make sure urban water suppliers have the ability to develop flexible mitigation packages that protect the resource and ensure a future their water supply
  • Restore the rural land property values and stop de-valuing land because water supply is uncertain
  • Restore stability to financial institutions who are lenders to rural properties or own rural properties


What we don’t need is ….

  • Vague, complicated requirements for land use planning
  • Mitigation systems and schemes that are unnecessary, complicated and are just about doing mitigation for the sake of doing it, even when it is not justified
  • The inability to provide comprehensive mitigation packages for urban water supply


Needed – Focus on what makes a difference

  • Flexibility in mitigation packages for urban water supply and when necessary rural water supply
  • Focus on areas of the state where there are known obstacles and problems
  • Target mitigation to priority areas and projects


What we don’t need is…

  • To wait another year for a find a solution