Hirst Fix Stuck in House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee

ESSB 5239 was heard in the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee on 3/28,  you can watch the committee hearing below.


A broad range of people testified on Senator Warnick’s Hirst fix bill (SB 5239) in the House Committee. The people that shared how they were personally impacted by the Hirst decision were particularly helpful in showing the real world implications of the Hirst decision. The House committee failed to move any bill out of committee that would fix Hirst. The deadline to pass the bill out of the committee was Wednesday, 3/29  but they chose not to bring it up for a vote. At this point the bill will most likely sit until it becomes a tool for budget negotiations. It is important to continue talking with your legislators that this is a top priority for their constituents and that a solution is needed this session.